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Reflectly - Journal / Diary on MyAppFree
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Reflectly - Journal / Diary

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Reflectly is the best digital journal app that allows you to vent your feelings without fear of judgment

Mental health is undeniably one of the most important aspects of our well-being, yet it is often trivialized. For someone on the verge of a breakdown, it really helps to have a healthy outlet wherein they can jot down their emotions, experiences and share their stories. 

In a world full of negativity and hatred, Reflectly is the ray of sunshine that will keep your mental health in check by allowing you to track your mood, vent out your frustrations, and allowing you a safe space to unleash your thoughts. 

Reflectly is a great substitute to your typical journal, because whatever you write will be kept forever...allowing you to look back and recall the past. 

 Reflectly isn't made for just your bad days. You will find that as you keep using it, your thoughts and mood become more positive. That's because the developers behind this app have employed the science of well-being and have peppered the app with positivity, understanding and kindness. 

Have this handy app which you can whip out anytime to capture your mood and keep track of your mental well-being. It's free!

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