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Clan N

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Samurai Brawler Game with Co-Op Play

Defend the Ancient Far East in This Samurai Arcade Game

Brawlers, unite! Lead the battle against the forces of darkness in this epic brawler game. Enter the world of Clan N, a samurai group from the Far East, sworn to protect the realm from enemies and challengers. Choose your character of shinobigatana-wielding ninja Akira, the staff-striking Reina, the dual sword-swinging Daiki, and the sickle-slashing monk Tarou… all highly-trained samurais in this fun arcade game!

Slash, flip, and punch your way through 7 levels divided into more than hundreds of sections, keeping you brawling and defending Clan N from anyone who stands in your way. Fight with light or heavy attacks to progress wisely and beat each challenging stage. Unique, magical powers fit each character’s storyline and the fast-paced nature of Clan N sweeps you across the Ancient Far East landscape. Mystical, eastern-inspired music and sound effects immerse you in the sword-wielding world of ancient powers.

Fight as a solo samurai or with your friends. Clan N can be played co-op with up to four bot players; grab your friends as you defend the realm and keep the balance of the universe. As the main samurai, you can play with real-life friends or let bot players offer a unique challenge! Co-op play is fun and lets you work with your friends to fight your way through this classic gameplay. Brawling is better with your pals!

An indie, brawler game, fight difficult bosses through challenging levels with slick and clean pixel-based graphics. Choose the modern or classic interface, depending on your style, and tutorials pop up along the way to guide your journey. A simple, easy-to-understand interface offers hours of fun by yourself or in a co-op setting, a powerful, samurai victory will be yours in Clan N!

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