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Shooty Quest

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Fun Retro Arcade Shooting Game - Meet Shooty Quest!

A fun retro game, Shooty Quest, is one of the most highly addictive indie, shooting-style games. Set in a pixel-art world, Bitalia, shoot, dip, and dodge to battle your enemies across Shooty Quest! You’ll love the high-energy vibe of this game, catapulting your way through hard-to-master levels and darting around your competitors. Retro vibes are a fun break from highly realistic games; you’ll feel like you’re back in the Middle Ages!

Shooty Quest is easy to learn but stays fun! You’ll love the pixel art retro character that shoots around the screen at 360 degrees, selecting the right arrow for the right enemy, and dodging adversaries while picking up rewards. The whole interface is pixelated, with creepy enemies and bosses and fun items to pick up to help you dominate the game.

An intuitive arcade game with 36 levels and 2 endings, compete with friends for the highest score in the game! Challenge your friends to collect arrows and take down the enemies. Try to beat the bosses, each with unique challenges and hard-to-kill features that make selecting the right arrow key.

A dynamic arcade game offering hours of entertainment, earn coins to upgrade your crossbow and buy items for your mission! This indie game is sure to become your favorite this summer, and with so many levels, it’ll take you some time to master! Work your way through the levels, challenging yourself with catchy 8-bit style music and fun beats in the background.

You’ll start shooting arrows, conquering levels, and vanishing bosses in no time. Simple and entertaining, Shooty Quest isn’t difficult and is an easy game to start your battle in!

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