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happn — Dating app on MyAppFree
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happn — Dating app

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Highly focused on local dating

Happn stands as one of the highest-rated dating apps with over 90 million members. The ingenious idea and technology behind this app have left its competitors baffled. Think about it for a second. The many times you’ve had a chance to initiate a conversation with a striking personality but somehow, they managed to slip away.  And you’re left thinking, “such a bummer!”

Well, worry no more, because happn gives you a second chance at love. It works by helping you connect with people you cross paths with every day in the mall, bus-stop or any other place, affording you the rare opportunity to make a lasting impression. Upon close contact, his or her profile automatically pops up on your phone, so you can make a move in case you missed your first shot.

If you wish, you could expand your search area to get plenty more potential candidates.  Dating experts recommend this app not only because of its witty invention, but also because it is a practical aid for shy people. So next time you sum up enough courage, happn will be right there to afford prime opportunities.

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