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Finally, your very own, free, handy assistant medication reminder app!

Your health is important to you, but sometimes you can get caught up with the day's events that taking that important pill is missed! On cases like this, don’t you wish you had someone or something to alert you? If so, you need MyTherapy, a free, medication reminder app.

But wait, MyTherapy isn’t just an alarm clock to give you a nudge. It’s much more than that. This free pill reminder app also acts as a tracker for both skipped and confirmed intakes. It also tracks your mood, blood pressure, and weight. When you live with diabetes and are on insulin, MyTherapy can be used as a diabetes logbook and blood glucose monitoring.

Whether you are taking antibiotic drugs or struggling with hypertension, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, anxiety or depression, MyTherapy is for you. All in all, it’s your personal health journal. You can even have a printable report!

What’s more, to get you motivated to take your pills, you will be reminded with a beautiful picture of the day. Your family can even co-manage this highly important routine if you provide them with permission to view whether you have missed a pill or not. This is an amazing collection of features for a free app that doesn't need a subscription!

Never miss that important dose - download for FREE!

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