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Drops: Fun Language Learning on MyAppFree
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Drops: Fun Language Learning

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If you only have a few minutes each day to learn a new language, and learn best with just snippets, Drops is the language app for you!

In just 5 minutes a day, Drops enhances your learning by adopting a flash-card style interface. The minimalist style visual aid denotes the meanings of different words and phrases so you learn quicker. 

There are also small little clues in each flashcard to ease the pressure especially as you progress high up on the leaderboard - ideal for those who like to be competitive! There are fast paced micro games to really get you into the challenge. 

The language app prioritizes curated words that are of high practical value. No grammar, the app only focuses on vocabulary highlights. Drops is very proud of its word pronunciations because they are voiced by actors and actresses!

For casual learners, Drops offer a complete package for free. However, if you prefer to have more than just five-minute sessions, you can pay the reasonable subscription fee. Drops language app is available for both iOS and Android users.

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