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Best Games similar to Pokémon on MyAppFree
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Best Games similar to Pokémon

A selection of mobile Pokémon look alikes!

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Best Games similar to Pokémon

A world with no entertainment can be tedious. Mobile games are the real deal for providing people with amusement. They play a significant role in people’s daily lives, especially those who find themselves idle and want to break the boredom. So, developers find new ideas daily to keep people updated whenever a new game is out. Pokémon is ranked as one of the best open-world games available in the market today. 

You can loose yourself in these mind-blowing games that involve players battling by traveling in different regions. Moreover, the players have to work tirelessly to defeat other trainers to increase their size and strength. Also, catching and evolving Pokémon is part of the game, and those players with super-effective moves may emerge being the winners. However, there are some games similar to Pokémon in role-playing games. We will review five of these best mobile games in great detail. Also, the good thing about them is that they are accessible for both Android and iOS so that every player can take part in the games.

Here are the four best games similar to Pokémon:  

1. Orna RPG: Turn-based GPS Game

Orna: The GPS RPG

Orna is a mobile RPG enriched by real-world geography. It was developed through blending classic fantasy RPG characteristics with current modern technology. Moreover, it involves players collecting weapons and armor to use during battles. For instance, the struggle through dungeons, slay dragons, and PvP battles, and claiming real-world landmarks. Orna RPG game is available on all mobile devices, and users can use them wherever they are.Orna game has distinctive players, including enjoying 8-bit pixels graphics with modern twists, joining the kingdom to battle in wars and online raids, Collecting over 1,000 in-game items, leveling up, and progressing through over 50-in game character classes.

2. MHST The Adventure Begins

MHST The Adventure Begins

MHST The Adventure Begins is an intriguing game that just like Pokémon, contains monsters who battle to become heroes. The player in the game is given a chance to become the best monster trainer by exploring several maps, forests, and caves. While in these regions, they should participate in fighting against their opponents.So, the more the player wins, the greater their ability to unlock items and gain strength. Every smartphone user can access this game as it is available in every mobile version. The good news about this game is that new features accompany this version. For instance, their interface has been improved, there is a new auto-save feature, and they have high-resolution graphics.

3. Beastie Bay

Beastie Bay

The main topic about Beastie Bay is survival. Players are left in a strange region to make it their own. The place is an island where players can plant crops and build houses. So, to become their wholly-owned land, they should develop powers that govern them.Now, during their stay, new technology will be developed, and they will have an opportunity to travel to islands nearby. Upon reaching their neighbourhood, they should trade with the people and coach them to become their fighters. So, they should repeat the same to other strange islands, and the more they get stronger teams, the powerful their household becomes. Hence, winning the battles. 

4. EvoCreo

EvoCreo - Pocket Monster Game

It is one of the most exciting pocket monster games similar to Pokémon. The best thing about the EvoCreo game is that it features multiplayer in its user’s favorite fields. Moreover, role-playing lovers can enjoy diving into an open world that involves fights and monster catching that are more than 150.Players can start monster-catching as trainers using a few strategies. They include challenging and battling other trainers, evolving their idle monster to reach final evolution, and adjusting attacks of their nightmares, among others.
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