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Best Air Quality Apps on MyAppFree
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Best Air Quality Apps

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Clean air is a necessity for our healthy living. With industrialization and technological advancements, air pollution is at an all-time high, a situation that can lead to respiratory problems, amongst other issues. Some people develop a severe reaction to polluted air, especially if they have existing conditions such as asthma or bronchitis.

Now, you can check how clean the air is through your phone, thanks to a few apps! Through them, you get to know what to expect -- and better prepare for it! This article looks at some of the best air quality apps to try out.

1. Breezometer is an ideal travel buddy that lets you know the air pollutants and their levels

Air Quality App - BreezoMeter

Breezometer is a professional grade air quality app that will show you the pollen level in the atmosphere, aside from air quality. It also gives you alerts on fires, which is critical if you experience allergic reactions to smoke and pollen.Breezometer provides you with the air quality index of 92 countries, hence is an ideal travel buddy that lets you know the air pollutants and their levels in your destinations. It has several unique features like the real-time air quality maps, which hints you on the air quality in the street, block, or city levels.Fire alerts will let you know if there are any hazards in your locality, an important thing if you have breathing conditions that can be triggered by smoke. There is also the daily weather forecast and daily information on pollen. For the latter, it lets you know the different types of pollen and their origins, be it from trees, grass, or weeds.Breezometer is free on download and is lightweight, meaning it does not take much of your device’s space. Download it from Google Play Store or Apple Store and enjoy its services!

2. With Plume Labs, you get live street by street pollution maps of major cities around the world

Plume Labs: Air Quality App

If you love traveling around the world, then Plume Labs air quality app is an ideal mobile program to have on your device. The app works on both android and IOS devices and gives you real-time information on the pollution around the globe.Wherever you have your sights next, you can go to your app and see its air quality forecast for preparation purposes. With Plume Labs, you get live street by street pollution maps of major cities around the world. Analyzing such data, helps you get a hint of which places to visit and which ones to avoid, especially if you have respiratory issues.The features include a map that gives you a proper graphical presentation of pollution levels in different places. There is also the Live, Historical and Forecast data, which lets you know about the major pollutants in different regions.The Clean Air Coaching feature gives you tips in finding clean air, if you love working out, updating you through notifications.Get this free app and have fun exploring clean places in the world!

3. An ideal app if you plan on visiting America, Europe, and Australia

Air Quality - AirCare

Picture an easy-to-use air quality app, and you have the perfect description of AirCare. It has a simple user-interface, which makes navigation straightforward! The user-friendliness of this app is also evident in it’s clearly put and easy-to-understand information on the state of the air.With AirCare, you get real-time data on air quality in America, Europe, and Australia, making it an ideal app if you plan on visiting either of these continents. When you install this app on your device, you get live data on Air Quality Index, and raw pollutants present like CO, NO2, SO2, and many more.You can tune the app to summer mode, which is available in some countries, where you detect the amount of UV rays and pollen in the atmosphere. This mode is essential for those who may have allergies and skin sensitivity.You may also visualize the data with graphs and charts, which help you understand the data correctly. AirCare is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple store. Download it and check out what it offers in monitoring air quality.

4. A worthy companion to have when looking at your health state

Airlief: Air Quality Data&Tips

AirLief works like your air pollution adviser, giving you information on the state of the outdoors, and alerts you of its cleanliness. It is an app developed by Health Physicians, in which aside from monitoring air quality, will offer tips on how to reduce exposure to polluted air.AirLief focuses on practicality, an attribute that makes it a worthy companion to have when looking at your health state. Generally, it helps you understand the impact of air pollution and what to do to avoid it. It has several features that uphold its integrity as one of the best air quality apps. A standout feature is the Your Personal Air Pollution Adviser, which comes with human-centered design to offer advice where necessary. It has a prevention-based model to help you deal with pollution, mostly by avoiding polluted areas.There is also personalized information for sensitive groups, who are the people with respiratory diseases, to control their conditions.AirLief is free to download and does not have ads, which, most of the time, can be a nuisance. Get it for any of your devices, both Android and IOS.

5. The real time, user-friendly air quality monitor

AirVisual Air Quality Forecast

AirVisual is one of the best apps to have on your phone if you want to keep up with the outdoor air's real-time situation. It is very accurate in its readings, providing weather and air quality data of over 10000 cities worldwide!The selling point of AirVisual lies in its features which make it very user-friendly. The historical data contains info on the air quality from over 80 countries and gives you detailed figures on key pollutants.The application provides you with a +7day air pollutions and weather updates. These updates help you plan your week ahead, especially if you plan on venturing outdoors, and it can work well with your day planner.There is the Health Recommendation feature, which offers advice on how to keep off pollutants for better health. Additionally, it contains relevant info for the sensitive demography, mostly those with respiratory complications like asthma, and helps lower the risk of an attack.The app is free to download and is compatible with all operating systems. You can download it and get the assurance of safe outdoors, when looking at pollution levels.

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