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Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! on MyAppFree
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Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!

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This is a great way to create a musical masterpiece while being engaged in a highly addictive and enjoyable game

Ever find yourself waiting in line at the supermarket cashier or sitting at a coffee shop, bored to death while waiting for your friend?

Well, you know what game is stress-free and will entertain you for hours on end? Hint: it’s super fun and one of a kind.

Dancing Road: Color Ball Run is the answer! In this game, your hand eye coordination, dexterity, timing, quick response time will be put to the test. 

The objective of the game is to hit the same-colored balls to produce a melody. The crisp graphics and vibrant colors will engage you and have you playing for hours without end. 

Test it out now! Available for free on the Store!

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