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Attack on Titan TACTICS on MyAppFree
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Attack on Titan TACTICS

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If you’re on the lookout for an action-packed and heart-stopping game with beautifully crafted world-building...Attack on Titan Tactics is the best.

If you’re a fan of the Attack on Titan manga and anime series, you will absolutely love this game! Like the series, this game is explosive, challenging, and requires the proper skillset to take down the Titans.

In this exciting game, you will be facing hordes of Titans that set out to destroy your home and put your loved ones’ lives in danger.

You will need to form your own team of Gunji, or the special task force assigned to protect the village and actively wipe out every last one of the gigantic hideous monsters. Timing is absolutely vital when latching onto a Titan and striking it with your sword. You sometimes would need to target the extremities in order to incapacitate them first before going in for the kill.

Even if you haven’t read the manga or watched the series, you  will thoroughly enjoy strategizing on how best to take down these monsters. Good thing is you can practice your skills to your heart’s desire, because this game is free on the Store!

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