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Road Crash on MyAppFree
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Road Crash

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Road Crash offers a fun-filled driving experience where you get to absolutely demolish other cars on the road!

Road Crash is the harmless game you need to play if you want to let off some steam from road rage. Of course, you aren’t going to act on the impulse to crash other cars...but there’s just something so satisfying about seeing the animated cars on your screen fly off from the impact. 

This game was not designed so you could become a better driver. This game is just pure fun. In Road Crash, you play as a car on a mission. And the mission is to crash into as many cars as you can! Collect the coins that spill out from their twisted metal body.

Collect more and more coins so you can upgrade and purchase other models of cars. 

Test out your car-crashing skills by downloading this app for FREE

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