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Memorado - Brain Games on MyAppFree
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Memorado - Brain Games

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Memorado is your brain-training gym; flex your brain muscles!

Scientifically developed games like Memorad help you to improve and integrate cognitive functions, so you can learn how to increase your intelligence. It offers you brain stimulating exercises to test your cognitive function and working memory. 

The game features over 420 levels within 14 games to enhance memory, focus, logic, as well as mathematical skills. 

With Memorado, you can set goals daily with its unique and fun interface. There are new games selected each day which will improve your cognitive learning. You start with the tests and compiles the tests and games you took together with the results. Then, you'll be provided with an assessment that will direct your development and your brain learning, and how to proceed. 

The best, coolest thing is - Memorado is completely free to use! So train your brain, learn quicker, and improve your memory while having fun!

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