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Solitaire Farm Village on MyAppFree
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Solitaire Farm Village

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A relaxing game that keeps you working towards your goals but never punishes you!

A highly polished game, Solitaire Farm Village is sure to entertain your hours! 
Get ahead in the game by growing oranges, grapes, and wheat farming. And each time you build a new structure, you get rewarded! Plus, you can expand your village boundaries each time you play. How satisfying that is!

What makes Solitaire Farm Village fun to play because you personalize your card deck and truly make it your own. And guess what happens when you win a combo? Big, bright, shiny stars celebrate your victory!

Feel the day’s pressure fade into the background as you accomplish missions and quests. You also have the option to choose from the four different types of solitaire framework - Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, and FreeCell. 

Download this FREE game and be part of the cozy, adorable and immersive community!

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