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Champion Strike: Hero Clash Battle Arena on MyAppFree
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Champion Strike: Hero Clash Battle Arena

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Champion Strike is an explosive strategy game unlike any other.

I’m sure you’ve played at least one strategy game in your lifetime. Are you not tired of the same old gameplay where you defend your base by setting up towers along the way to destroy your enemies? 
If you want a change of pace, Champion Strike is perfect for you. 

In this game, you will be battling live players around the world. And instead of having one pathway/track for the enemies to pass through, the floor is an open space where it’s a free-for-all.

What separates this game from others is that you have the unique ability to control a Champion, so you can go across the floor into enemy territory and bring the action to them or lure your opponents into your base and unleash firepower from your shooting towers.

Display your skills in combat and defense in Champion Strike! Free to download and play on the Store!

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