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AirVisual Air Quality Forecast on MyAppFree
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AirVisual Air Quality Forecast

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The real time, user-friendly air quality monitor

AirVisual is one of the best apps to have on your phone if you want to keep up with the outdoor air's real-time situation. It is very accurate in its readings, providing weather and air quality data of over 10000 cities worldwide!

The selling point of AirVisual lies in its features which make it very user-friendly. The historical data contains info on the air quality from over 80 countries and gives you detailed figures on key pollutants.

The application provides you with a +7day air pollutions and weather updates. These updates help you plan your week ahead, especially if you plan on venturing outdoors, and it can work well with your day planner.

There is the Health Recommendation feature, which offers advice on how to keep off pollutants for better health. Additionally, it contains relevant info for the sensitive demography, mostly those with respiratory complications like asthma, and helps lower the risk of an attack.

The app is free to download and is compatible with all operating systems. You can download it and get the assurance of safe outdoors, when looking at pollution levels.

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