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Brave Hand

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Embark in an epic and mysterious journey with Brave Hand, a beautifully simple card game

You find yourself stranded on a deserted island, surrounded by a mysterious aura and feeling. Wandering around, you find a forgotten and ancient game of cards, hidden under the ground.

You start studying and playing it, quickly finding out that this game conceals secrets, powers, and an untold story, ready for you to be unraveled.

Brave Hand is an elegant and ingenious take on classic card games such as Solitaire, but with the added zest and strategics of collectible card games.

The game is enriched with a compelling story, that you’ll be able to uncover step by step, unlocking new elements and secrets while you play.

Everything is wonderfully told with a unique and magical art style, inspired by children’s book visual of Aaron Becker, perfect for creating a sense of wonder and enigma.

Some of the game features:

  • Simple and endlessly replayable game mechanics
  • Unique game modes to choose from
  • Compelling, story-driven atmosphere
  • 16 unlockable themes, each one with beautiful, hand-made illustrations
  • World leaderboard
  • Trophies and achievements

Download Brave Hand today and dive into this unique, amazing card game, already featured on magazines such as PocketGamer and AppAdvice and awarded by Google as Finalist of the 2017th Indie Games Festival!

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