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Air Quality - AirCare on MyAppFree
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Air Quality - AirCare

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An ideal app if you plan on visiting America, Europe, and Australia

Picture an easy-to-use air quality app, and you have the perfect description of AirCare. It has a simple user-interface, which makes navigation straightforward! The user-friendliness of this app is also evident in it’s clearly put and easy-to-understand information on the state of the air.

With AirCare, you get real-time data on air quality in America, Europe, and Australia, making it an ideal app if you plan on visiting either of these continents. When you install this app on your device, you get live data on Air Quality Index, and raw pollutants present like CO, NO2, SO2, and many more.

You can tune the app to summer mode, which is available in some countries, where you detect the amount of UV rays and pollen in the atmosphere. This mode is essential for those who may have allergies and skin sensitivity.

You may also visualize the data with graphs and charts, which help you understand the data correctly. AirCare is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple store. Download it and check out what it offers in monitoring air quality.

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