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Airlief: Air Quality Data&Tips on MyAppFree
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Airlief: Air Quality Data&Tips

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A worthy companion to have when looking at your health state

AirLief works like your air pollution adviser, giving you information on the state of the outdoors, and alerts you of its cleanliness. It is an app developed by Health Physicians, in which aside from monitoring air quality, will offer tips on how to reduce exposure to polluted air.

AirLief focuses on practicality, an attribute that makes it a worthy companion to have when looking at your health state. Generally, it helps you understand the impact of air pollution and what to do to avoid it. 

It has several features that uphold its integrity as one of the best air quality apps. A standout feature is the Your Personal Air Pollution Adviser, which comes with human-centered design to offer advice where necessary. It has a prevention-based model to help you deal with pollution, mostly by avoiding polluted areas.

There is also personalized information for sensitive groups, who are the people with respiratory diseases, to control their conditions.

AirLief is free to download and does not have ads, which, most of the time, can be a nuisance. Get it for any of your devices, both Android and IOS.

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