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Mobile Summer Jam 2021 absolute winner Get ready for the ultimate, most terrifying thriller game you will ever play!

DERE EVIL EXE allows you to follow an interesting and gripping story. This unorthodox retro platform has unique puzzles and challenges that you can solve and overcome. It is the proud winner of Mobile Summer Jam 2021 by MyAppFree.

Play alone if you dare! If not, grab some friends or family members and get them playing too! In DERE EVIL EXE, you take on the role of Knightly, the silent hero. He has to jump and run the different environments in the game to survive the heart-racing journey through a crazy world of pixel art.

Within the surreal structures of the game, you can find corruptions, which are dangerous creatures that take on the form of their creator's greatest fears. Their creators hide in plain sight as they observe their prey coming in close!

Are you willing to take on this scary challenge? Take time to solve the puzzles and overcome the incredible challenges in the main thriller mobile game. With incredible five star reviews, you don’t want to miss out on the excitement.

This game uses a modern 2D side-scroll function. It follows a simple aesthetic to emulate the classic arcade games of the 80s and 90s. It’s like your own terrifying time warp.

As you play, you can hear the catchy retro tunes or the ominous classical music, both of which add to the overall experience of the game. Get transported into the online world of DERE EVIL EXE. It’s a standalone game, making it perfect for beginners or pro gamers of all ages. 

If you’re ready for the scare, download the app today to start playing!

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