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Bullet League

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Bullet League is one of those games that is quick to hook you with its fast-paced, action-packed gameplay and easy controls.

Any player can easily fall victim to being obsessed with this game and playing it for hours on end! It’s taht good.

Unlike the typical 3D free-for-all popular games on the market, Bullet League takes place in the jungle and is on a 2D platform. 

For those who love the intensity of the battle royale genre, but don’t quite enjoy having to go against 99 other players, well Bullet League is just the right game for you! Instead of the overwhelmingly chaotic 100 players, Battle League will pit  only 32 players against each other. The controls are straightforward and easy to get used to, so you won’t have any difficulty transitioning from one battle royle game to this. 

The animation style is also easy on the eyes. Too many battle royale games use harsh, disorienting color schemes, but not Bullet League. Play and win as the last man standing by downloading Bullet League for free on the App store and Play store!

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