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Enframe is a unique take on traditional block sliding puzzle games. Your objective at each level is to help restore camouflaging abilities for mystical creatures called Beffies and keep them safe from predators. Beffies will only stay protected if they are surrounded by matching block pieces that form frames around them and restore their ability to stay camouflaged.

You will need to push your spatial skills to their limits and use careful planning to solve all 100 hand-crafted levels. Beffies will perform dances and happy gestures once safe with a total of 30 different animations to unlock. You’ll be sure to uncover a few surprises along the way.

The game includes unlimited undo so there is no need to restart levels if mistakes are made, the ability to skip up to 5 levels at any one time, and dark mode to make it easier on the eyes for playing at night-time.

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