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Drifty Runaway

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Drifty Runaway is a fast car chasing game with an addictive mechanic and intuitive controls, where the main objective is to survive the longest time without being caught by the police.

Use power-ups to advance in the race and cause more destruction around different and colorful scenarios.

Dodge obstacles while collecting coins and gems that you can use to repair and decorate your cars, or buy a new one.

Collect all the RUNAWAY letters and unlock invincibility for a limited time and collect all the coins you can!

Don’t forget to triplicate your rewards at the end of the level!

Compete with the world on being the best drift racer. Reach number one on the leaderboard for each scenario.

Choose from a great, and always growing, collection of amazing, legendary, and famous cars, each with unique features that will improve your racing mode. Look at the engine, health, speed, and damage, find which one fits your gaming mode.

Decorate your car with funny-looking hats and trails, and have your car look unique to share it with the world.

Come back every day and collect your daily rewards.

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