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Wizard Legend: Fighting Master

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Mobile Summer Jam 2nd place winner For those who are looking for the perfect game to keep the whole family entertained this summer, Wizard Legend Fighting Master is the answer.

The Wizard Legend app is an action game. Fight using the wizard’s magic skills to win. This is a unique app in the Roguelike series. There are more than 50 magic skills that you can perform, and five magic elements that will keep you wanting more. These elements can be combined in lots of unique ways.

There are lots of random skills that can be found throughout the game. Make sure to pick them up to keep in the wizard’s special magic book. Once enough have been collected, lots of powerful magic runes are released. There are over 100 magic artifacts to find, each with different and exciting functions.

You play as the little wizard, whose favorite kind of food is dessert. As you play as the wizard, he realizes that he can gain magic through eating his favorite sugary sweet treats. And he can eat as many as he wants!

When, one day, the Dessert Company began the Non-Vital Activation Experiments, which turns all of the desserts into offensive monsters. It’s safe to say the little wizard is heartbroken! He decides to eliminate the mutated desserts and gets to the root of the mutation. 

Do you think you could solve the cause of the mutation? If so, download the app today!

This is a challenging, yet super fun game that people of all ages and all backgrounds can enjoy. Play alone or with friends and family for the ultimate day of fun.

Wizard Legend Fighting Master is one of the winners of Mobile Summer Jam 2021 by MyAppFree. It holds 2nd place, so you don’t want to miss out on this incredible app!

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master app thumbnail

Wizard Legend: Fighting Master

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