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MeetMe - Go Live, Chat & Meet on MyAppFree
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MeetMe - Go Live, Chat & Meet

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Rarely do you hear of a dating app that intermingles strangers and while at it, allows you to make money too!  A stimulus combo! But hey, there’s no telling just how far designers can go when eyeing potential sales.

Meet ME was initially introduced as a platform merely for making new friends, but with time, its overall tone has adjusted to more of a dating site. The age limit here is not as constricting, considering teenagers as young as 13 years are eligible to membership. And the range keeps widening, extending to 40’s and beyond.

Due to this flexibility, users from various age brackets are likely to find a match - several for that matter! To add on, MeetME allows for first-hand user interactions via the option of going live, video calls, a designated chat room as well where strangers can discuss topics of any nature.

But to really have a feel of the app’s intrinsic value, let’s take a look at the rewards.  MeetME utilizes virtual currencies, diamonds to be specific, which can later be cashed out upon reaching set numerical points. The more friends you have, the more diamonds you earn.

Seeking to jump at this golden opportunity? MeetME is only a few clicks away!

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