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Best games for national puzzle day on MyAppFree
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Best games for national puzzle day

We've compiled a list of the best puzzle apps for Androids and iPhones.

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Today is National Puzzle Day. So why not download some of the most intricate apps to test your brain's ability and see how you compare to other millions? A wide range of amazing apps is available right now, proven to improve attention span, increase confidence, and reduce anxiety.

Are you finding yourself feeling bored lately due to the pandemic restrictions? Then why not play a puzzle app game on your phone? We've compiled a list of the best puzzle apps for Androids and iPhones.

These puzzle apps aren’t limited to jigsaws. There is one puzzle app in our collection, but many more. Each game has a short description that allows you to determine if it is the type of game you are looking for. We also explain what makes it one of our top open-world free games.

If you've tried to find engaging, open-world, indie games, this list may be the answer. We offer this list for free and will keep you entertained for hours of blissful escape.

1. Has a cat gone missing? Are there animals in danger? Do you wish to rediscover a long lost memory? Then Detective Mio is the cat for you!

Detective Mio—Find Hidden Cats

Detective Mio is an entertaining and cute game. It's charming and elegant. You'll love this game if you love animals (especially cats), calm and cute art, and an engaging storyline. Not just that, playing Detective Mio will make the player oblivious of time. Players will lose track of time as it has so much going on in a short span of time. Really a new and intriguing approach to the game. 

2. For as long as we can remember we've been walking on the thin edge between chaos and order. Until one day a mysterious portal was opened and chaos prevailed. Now it's up to you to bring back order...but it is not that simple!

Doors: Paradox

Doors Paradox, an escape-the-room puzzle game, has beautiful art and good ideas. While it isn't difficult, it has just the right amount to keep you occupied in short, mobile-sized chunks. You'll be scrolling and clicking your way through a series of levels. To open doors, you will need to find items, place them where they are supposed to be, turn cranks and pull levers to manipulate the world. Once you have passed the door, you can move on to the next stage.All levels have their unique style. One might find yourself on a pirate's island, flying through space using an intergalactic post machine, or solving the puzzle to bypass guard statues on an ethereal plane. Each challenge takes around five minutes. It's easy to find the first object, and everything flows smoothly. You'll be moving from one little puzzle to the next, placing pieces back together or tearing them apart until the door opens and you are free to go.

3. Lucid Dream, a thriller-style point-and-click adventure, features Lucy, a troubled young girl who attempts to rescue her mother from despair by navigating a surreal world.

Lucid Dream Adventure: Mystery

After a horrific traffic accident, Lucy was also rendered wheelchair-bound by her father. Lucy must save her father's life. The art is beautiful, and the puzzles are often quite challenging. But, despite the game's surrealist theme, it is still a tale that is more of a collection of small ideas than a dreamscape adventure.Lucy's life after the accident is depicted as a dark, lonely, fearful, and depressing one. Lucy vows to improve her situation after a dark outlook and many specialists' visits.

4. Monument Valley by ustwo is a puzzle title that combines many of the best elements on different levels. It is the best puzzle app in the Play Store and is probably the best mobile game ever made.

Monument Valley

The game's philosophy can be seen right from its beginning. You won't be given a tutorial. It's easy to be thrown into the world. After a while, you will become familiar with the controls. If Ida can tap anywhere and she can move there, then it's possible. There are many elements you can interact with. We will not spoil the fun.You will be able to play the actual game once you've completed Stage 1, the very basic introductory level. You will then be taken to the stage selection. It features a nice spinning portal and the ten levels available. The game has only ten levels, but we'll get to that in a moment. Even though the screen for selecting the stage is functional, it's one of the most beautiful screens I have ever seen.It's like opening a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get. Each level has its art direction and chill vibe. However, they are very different. Each level has its unique mood and setting. You can find a level with a different feeling from dark, creepy environments to cheerful, yellow-tinted backgrounds.

5. Room Two has a unique combination of inventive puzzles, moody music, and excellent visuals.

The Room Two

It is a testament to the iPad's strengths as a gaming device. Fireproof Games' first atmospheric puzzler, The Room, shows that a touchscreen tablet is the only way to create an immersive, tactile experience. Room Two goes beyond simply building on the successes of The Room. But it also expands, refines, or improves on nearly every aspect that made The Room special.The rooms are the most striking difference between the two Rooms. The original rooms are nothing more than a scary backdrop for the self-contained puzzle boxes. Here you can find the answers in all the corners and nooks. Room Two has more elaborate environments, and the stages are used as tableaus to express their personalities.
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