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Medical ID (premium) on MyAppFree
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Medical ID (premium)

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Medical ID is like a helpful virtual medical assistant that provides access to your personal medical info.

Accidents happen all the time. It does not pick a time, place, or person. It is better to be prepared in case of the event. For emergency responders and for regular civilians, it will be of huge help to have your medical info handy. This is where Medical ID comes in. 

At one simple glance, the people trying to help will know your name, blood type, height, weight, allergies to any medications, history of any illness, and comorbidities...all of this information will help them manage your condition better and have better health outcomes.

Let’s say something bad happens to you while you’re alone, this app is also a pretty nifty tool for contacting emergency services with an alert that can provide them with your approximate location.

This app is a literal lifesaver. For a limited time only, you can get this app for FREE before it returns to the bargain price of $5.49.