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Best Apps for Students’ Daily Life

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Life as a student is fast-paced. So many classes to keep up with, assignments, social life, not to forget your everyday needs.

It can get overwhelming to strike a balance without losing your touch with the most vital gradient - your grades. This is why some little help comes in handy!  Find the best apps to assist with travel, cooking, shopping, social activities, and sleep. That's right. There's an app for this too! Get organized better with the right tools and go through school smoothly. Besides, with every other thing mapped out, hitting those high grades won’t be so hard!

1. Sleeping is important, so don't miss Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle: Sleep analysis & Smart alarm clock

Statistics show that we spend about one-third of our lives asleep. Sounds unbelievable but this just goes to show how important rest is to our bodies. More so if you have a busy school schedule to keep up with.  The sleep cycle is not your usual, traditional alarm that goes off whenever instead; the app focuses on the best moments to wake you so that you are fresh for a new day.It utilizes a waveform technology encrypted with data from your sleep activity. Any sound, snoring, and movements made through the night are picked up and used to determine what your deepest or lightest sleep hours are. Of course, you'd have to place your phone on the side of your bed with the microphone facing you for clear sound detection. Once this data is obtained, the app makes you a nice graph showing the variations and thus the best waking up window. That means you can plan your alarms smarter and most of all spare yourself the agony of waking up grumpy.  Start your day vibrant!Available on your app store, download Sleep cycle today!

2. Trainline is the best app for train tickets

Trainline - Buy cheap European train & bus tickets

Part of an organized routine involves getting to class on time. Easier said than done, you may have found yourself outside for having arrived late or worse yet earned a ticket to the principal’s office. Well, we have a better suggestion. Go smart with mobile tickets instead! Travel with Trainline is now convenient and fast thanks to digitalized booking.It’s an app that lets you buy tickets for rail services so you no longer have to queue for hours at the machine again. On top of that, gain access to a route planner which gives accurate train times for your route on the move! You know exactly how long the journey will take therefore you can plan well to arrive on schedule.  Finding trains is also a breeze; the app is quite simple and basic with a friendly UI.As for the payment options, only synch your debit or credit card and proceed to buy. The app saves your downloaded ticket so have nothing more to do except carry your phone with you to the station. A lifesaver!Download the Train line on your Android now!

3. Life 360 lets you meet with friends easily

Life360: Family Locator & GPS Tracker for Safety

Life 360 keeps you in view of your friends without the hassle of calling or text. Need to find out where your circle is at? Simply add 360 to your app collection and stay in the know! Essentially it provides up to date local information on your whereabouts and that of your colleagues in a jiffy. If you wish, you could also add your parent or guardian to the app just to let them breathe easy knowing you are safe.Life360 keeps track of the locations you set up. If you’re out in the café for instance, or studying in the library, it automatically informs the rest of your click so they can catch up with you in no time.  It also sends notifications as to how long you've been there and the time you left.When it's that easy to find your buddies, campus doesn't feel so mazy anymore. The exciting bit is the unlimited number of people you can invite. And even better, how the app syncs with your Apple watch in case your phone is not nearby.  Get life 360 today and catch up anywhere!

4. Shopmium is the app that cares about food hauls and bargains

Shopmium - Exclusive Offers

It gets to that time of the month when your funds are low and you’re basically surviving to make ends meet. Great news is  you can now get more from your shopping with Shopmium, the ideal app that cares about food hauls and bargains! And did you know they offer free food? Now you do! It’s definitely a saver on those tight days and even further ahead.On signing up, users are awarded a welcome gift just for this. How the app works is through a cashback mechanism affiliated with specific products, retailers, and supermarkets. You might want to make a quick browse at the app before heading out to unassociated stores. This way, judging from your shopping list, you know what’s up for grabs! Aside from freebies, there are occasional discounts and offers to benefit from as well.The app requires you to scan the barcode for every item you buy before requesting cashback.  Take a picture of your receipt and not long after you’ll have your cash reward sent. Save and earn money with Shopmium today! Available at your Google and Android store.

5. The all-new, redesigned BigOven makes cooking simple

BigOven Recipes, Meal Planner, Grocery List & More

Having trouble figuring what to cook? Here is your shot to make something great with ease! With Big Oven, you can fix up a quickie or even those time-intensive meals for special occasions and have a feast with friends! Save a couple of bucks that you would otherwise drain on those pizza orders. And for the best part, there are crazy awesome menus to select from.Big Oven holds 2000 recipes from which you can grow your cooking skills. It doesn’t matter how new you are to the kitchen, there’s always something for you to try. It could be a simple snack to have over break or a heavy dinner to wind up your day- the app is full of great options! Not to mention a meal planner when you're too busy to plan.Its front page is laid out with a couple of sections to get you started.  Click on “use up leftovers” for inspiration on how to work with remainders. Or better yet, see what’s cooking around you for surplus ideas. Kitchen duty is easier with Big Oven. Download the app for free!

Best Apps for Students’ Daily Life app thumbnail

Best Apps for Students’ Daily Life

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