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Best Apps like Squid Game

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If you’ve been online over the past few weeks, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard about Squid Game. This South Korean survival TV series has taken the world by storm and has accumulated over 111 million viewers on Netflix.

In this article, you will learn about three of the best downloadable apps that are similar to Squid Game so you can delve into this crazy survival world from the comfort of your own home.

The apps will have a short description so you can learn more about each one and decide which is the most interesting to you. There's a great selection to choose from so you’re bound to find an app that suits your preferences and will entertain you for hours.

All of these apps are available on Android and iOS so no matter what phone you have, you won’t miss out on the Squid Game fun!

Here are the top three open world apps that are similar to Squid Game. Download your favorite one to escape into the survival TV drama for hours of entertainment!

1. This app provides a massive range of Squid Game wallpapers, similar to the images you can see in the real Netflix South Korean survival TV series.

Squid Game Wallpaper

You can download the wallpapers and keep them on your phone for free!Whether you need a new lock screen or home screen, you can download exciting new backgrounds with the Squid Game Wallpaper app. The easy search engine makes finding your favorite Squid Game wallpaper quick and easy.New wallpapers are being added all the time, so you’re never going to get bored! You can switch up your phone’s background as often as you like to keep things nice and varied.

2. Are you ready to take part in the brutal challenges of K-Games? If you loved the Netflix TV series, Squid Game, then K-Games is the perfect app for you.

K-Games Challenge

An amazing prize is waiting at the end of the game and the only way you can get to it is by completing all of the challenges. But this is easier said than done!The K-Games challenges range from intermediate to difficult. Even the best gamers of the world will be kept on their toes with this game.

3. With almost 100,000 reviews and an average of 4 stars, the 456 survival game is the perfect way to enter the Squid Game world.

456: Survival game

Play Red Light – Blue Light, a version of the famous Red Light – Green Light that will challenge you in more ways than ever.This game also has Dalgona Candy, Tug of War, and Jump On Glass, all of which will keep you guessing.Can you survive the 456 world? If you make it all the way to the end, you can win the big money. If your character dies, you might have to restart the game!
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