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The Best Battery Saver Apps

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Communication devices have come quite a long way thanks to technology. We have progressed from landlines to awkward pagers, which are abnormally heavy to move about with, and now, smaller, more compact phones. The great thing about the earlier days was the relief of never having to worry about charging. Heck, those things could go for days without a power boost, landlines especially not needful of this function whatsoever.

But things have changed. Today, phones have become more versatile, able to perform multiple functions while accommodating several apps at a go. Add this to the cutting edge technology that goes into the design structure and you have a new problem to deal with- battery drainage!

Now that we seldom remember to have a charger on standby, battery-saving apps have become a real lifesaver. The biggest question is do they actually work? Well yes. Better than you can imagine. But only if you make right selections. Here is a brief list of those that get the job done;

1. Accubattery is a life savior when it comes to phone's battery


Now Battery Doctor may have come up with an ingenious way of caring for your battery life but this app takes it a notch higher. It goes beyond alerting you how much time you have left with the remainder charge, to actually optimizing battery health.With Accubattery you can gauge how much damage has been incurred during your battery’s lifetime, and learn how to avert the wear. Did you know that charging your phone to 100% deteriorates battery capacity? Well, it does and most technology experts advise against it.To avoid battery damage, the app comes with a default setting that allows power input only up to 80 %. And to ensure this, an alarm goes off when the intended capacity is reached. Now, of course, the settings are not fixed but this goes to show how involved Accu battery is in promoting battery sustainability!Customization is apt too. You get to decide what saving mode works best for your needs. The app can be found on both google play store and Apple store. Download it today and enjoy these benefits for free!

2. DU battery is a renewed app to renew your battery

DU Speed Booster, Cache Cleaner, Battery saver

DU battery is one of the most used battery apps world over with a renowned reputation for being reliable.  With the free version, users can extend battery life by up to nearly 50%, even higher when you upgrade to the Pro Version. Sounds too good to be true? Well, think again. Here is how the app can achieve that.For starters, it has an optimize button which simultaneously hibernates all power-draining apps at a click. Those apps that reapply themselves back on automatically and you have to keep disabling one after the other- the optimize button offers a smarter way.Still on the automatic traits, its cleaner is programmable to specified intervals. Once the frequency is set the app will clear any junk without fail or need of a reminder. So, assuming that the timer was set to an interval of 5 minutes for x amount of time, during this period, your phone will repeatedly eliminate any waste.That aside, DU battery comes with a widget extension intended to speed up access to the app right from your home screen. For a free price, it doesn’t get any better!

3. Battery Doctor will make you stop with negative charging habits

Battery Saver - Battery Doctor

Just as the name suggests, the battery doctor works like a therapeutic tool for your phone. Why, you ask? See how we tend to leave our phones carelessly charging for long hours, and in the long run, the battery strength begins to wear down?Not anymore! This app tells you how much time is left to reach a maximum of 100%, so you know when to unplug it. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Battery Doctor also keeps a record of your charging schedules, that is, exactly how many recharges occurred in the day.This information is computed in 3 different tabs one showing full charge, the other normal charge (without getting to 100%), and lastly the overcharge icon. So if you happened to plug in your phone, say twice during the day, perhaps the second time just for a brief power boost, this activity is logged into the records. And get this, if an overcharge occurred, it additionally displays by how much time!Need an app that will deliver you from negative charging habits? Look no further. Available too for IOS phones at no extra charges. Get it today!

4. Kaspersky security meets the battery saver

Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster

I’m sure you’ve heard of Kaspersky and the first thing that pops into mind is the Antivirus detector. Well, good news! From the app developers dedicated to seeing that you enjoy maximum digital security, is now made available a battery life extender!What makes Kaspersky so great is the systematic monitoring function. It is structured to keep an eye on every app, including those actively running in the background. Nothing bypasses this app. From this feature, users get a warning notification when an app is draining too much battery power and can consequently follow up to disable it.The task killer doesn’t end all processes in the android or iOS, which is good because some of these are crucial. It only spotlights the power-hungry apps and allows you to decide which tasks should be ended and which ones can stay on. That way all your favorites remain undisturbed.And now for the salient point- the Antivirus enablement- Kaspersky doubles up as a watchdog, sniffing out all harmful gradients that would otherwise damage your files. Plus it is available for free! Download it from your favorite play store today!

5. Why settle for limited features when you can get more out of Green Battery app?

Green Battery Saver, Booster, Cleaner, App Lock

The Green Battery saver will make a noticeable difference in your battery life exactly when you need it to. It is designed as a feature-packed app that not only promotes longer use of smartphones but also has the advantage of additional benefits as well.By downloading the Green Battery you automatically gain access to utilities such as RAM Booster, Junk Cleaner, and App Lock. Whenever your phone appears to be running slow, the Junk cleaner provides just the needed solution of ridding your CPU of excess baggage that could be undermining performance.The RAM booster also speeds up your phone by improving internal phone functions, usually, of the Android system software and multiple other applications. iPhone users are equally not limited to these utilities. The App Lock attribute serves as a privacy and security tool, protecting your phone from snoopers. Additionally, the CPU cooler maintains your device at the right temperature when active. Imagine, all these functions in just one app!Why settle for limited functions when you can get more out of a battery app? Get the Green Battery saver today for absolutely free!
The Best Battery Saver Apps app thumbnail

The Best Battery Saver Apps

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