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The Best Hurricane Tracker Apps

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Hurricanes and tornadoes are some of the most dangerous catastrophes that leave a trail of destruction on their path. In hurricane hotspots, the residents live in constant fear of an occurrence as it may mean loss of life and property. In this vein, preparation is a must to be ahead of this nature’s catastrophe.

Luckily, developers have come up with invaluable apps that can track hurricanes. Using them, you will know of any looming danger and how to brace yourself for it.

Let us have a look at the best hurricane tracker apps available today.

1. Ventusky gives you a clear picture of what to expect regarding hurricanes

Ventusky: Weather Maps

Ventusky: Weather Maps is one of the best weather apps that comes to your aid in keeping up with the weather conditions. It provides you with highly accurate forecasts, keeping you updated on precipitation, wind, and other storm signs.The user -interface is amazing, using animations to show wind. This is a creative way to display the weather state as you can clearly understand the message being portrayed! There are also weather maps and weather models that help in analysis, giving you a clear picture of what to expect.Ventusky has high accuracy levels, as it gets its information from credible numerical models such as the American GFS and HRRR models, the Canadian GEM model, and the German Cosmo model. The application is available for free and is compatible with both android and IOS devices. It is also lightweight, meaning it won't consume much space on your device storage. It is a great app to try out and acquire useful information to keep up with hurricanes and tornadoes.

2. Hurricane-American Red Cross keeps you on the hurricane trail, showing you where it has been and places it is likely to strike

Hurricane - American Red Cross

An essential factor to keep in mind when looking for an ideal app is its user-friendliness. This attribute focuses mostly on ease of navigation and flexibility. Hurricane-American Red Cross majors on user-friendliness and is easy to use when checking on hurricanes coming to your area.It has two languages you can pick; English or Spanish, an evidence of its versatility! To help uphold your safety, there is the instruction menu, which outlines the steps to follow before, during, and after a storm.The interactive storm tracker keeps you on the hurricane trail, showing you where it has been and places it is likely to strike. Keeping up with the storm helps you prepare in case you are on its path. The map layers also updates you on the storm's path, letting you alert your loved ones in case there is danger coming their way.The, I'm Safe alert lets your family and friend know that you are safe, and you may share it via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and email. The application is free to download and works on all devices, both android and IOS operated.

3. Hurricane Tracker makes you receive push alerts depending on your region, should a new storm form

Hurricane Tracker

Hurricane Tracker holds the distinction of the Best Hurricane Tracking App from a review by major news channel CNN. When you look at this mobile platform, it is not hard to see why it got the recognition, primarily considering its ease of use.It is one of the most used apps in keeping up with hurricanes and storms and has been around for around a decade. Initially, it was only for IOS devices, but you can presently access it using any device. Its features make it stand out from other tracking apps, especially the notifications.When using Hurricane Tracker, you receive push alerts depending on your region, should a new storm form. The app has over 65 images and apps, together with in-depth analysis and discussions to help you understand the oncoming storm. It also provides tropical audio updates, storm video updates, and highly detailed tropical wave information. To top up Hurricane Tracker's niceties, you can share information with friends through SMS, email, Facebook, and Twitter. To download this application, you have to pay for it, though it is quite affordable, costing around $4.

4. With Storm Radar you get firsthand information on floods, heavy rains, and others that may signal a hurricane


Storm Radar lets you have up-to-date weather forecasts that let you know of the current conditions, especially if there is a pending storm. It combines NOAA forecast, weather radar, and a hurricane tracker to keep you ahead of storms should they come your way.Storm Radar has several tools that will alert you of storms such as the 8-hour past to future radar, live wind speed, and tornado updates. You also receive updates from credible sources such as The Weather Channel.Talking of alerts, you get firsthand information on floods, heavy rains, and others that may signal a hurricane. Its top features include the GPS, weather map and NOAA forecast, which provides you clear imagery of severe weather patterns.The future radar maps are another top feature of Storm Radar, which provides a weather map, hurricane tracker and also local weather prediction. This includes an 8-hour head start on oncoming hurricanes, local temperature, and hourly tornado trajectories. There are also live alerts that keep you up with real-time weather. Storm Radar is one undoubtedly among the best apps to have if you want to keep up with your local weather! It can be found for download on both Google Play Store and Apple store.

5. My Hurricane Tracker helps you understand the impact of the storms, which is great for your preparedness

My Hurricane Tracker - Tornado Alerts & Warnings

My Hurricane Tracker app is one of the best phone apps that allows you to keep up with natural hazards such as hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, and others. It has a beautiful interface that you can easily navigate to understand any looming danger.The app comes with several tools such as the interactive tracking maps for hurricanes. This tool shows you the storm's progress on the map, giving you a hint of when it may strike your area. There is also the NOAA forecast map and storm satellite imagery, which helps in tracking.The Historic Search feature gives you the history of previous storms from 1851 or 1949 for pacific areas. It helps you understand the impact of the storms, which is great for your preparedness!My Hurricane Tracker app will allow you to receive weather warnings from the National Weather Service - a credible source. There are also push notifications for any weather disturbances that may be a sign of storms coming.This mobile application is compatible with both android and IOS operating systems and is free to download on the respective download sites. Get it today and up your preparation for hurricanes and cyclones.

The Best Hurricane Tracker Apps app thumbnail

The Best Hurricane Tracker Apps

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