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Best Navigation Apps

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The desperation that comes with getting lost is undescribable! It is one of those things you need to avoid when going to a new place. The good news is that there are apps that come to your aid to help with navigation, wherever you are worldwide.

As such, you can say goodbye to losing your way, saving yourself from the embarrassment and helplessness that comes with this situation. Let us look at some of the best navigation apps you can have on your phone to give you a sense of direction.

1. When it comes to planning the best route, Waze is the answer

Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

When traveling, you need to know what lies ahead for preparation purposes - a role Waze plays effectively! It is a nice driving mobile platform that, if installed, will give you a hint of what to expect on the road. You receive alerts of hazards, traffic, police stops, and more. It also encourages safe driving, courtesy of the speedometer. It will notify you if you exceed speed limits, in the long run, shielding you from tickets and upholding safe driving!The instant routing changes feature shows you the various routes to pick to move fast and avoid traffic. It is helpful, especially in urban areas, where congestion is the norm. Other alerts Waze will furnish you include toll charges, arrival time, and gas stations on your route.Your journey should not be boring as you can turn on your multimedia player as Waze runs, tuning in to your favorite playlist or podcast. With android auto, you can drive with Waze on your vehicle’s display. There are plenty of voices to pick to act as your navigator, which you choose depending on your preference. Want some good news? Waze is a free platform to download - get it today!

2. Cities have no more secrets with City Mapper

Citymapper: Directions for All Your Transport

It is no secret that finding your way through the ever-busy city environment is hectic. The traffic, both human and vehicle, and confusing streets are some of the hurdles you will encounter within these business districts. Citymapper comes to your aid to lead you to your points of interest in the city.It is a suitable aid that you can use for any transportation mode, whether on foot, cycling, driving, or on a scooter - helping you find the best routes! Citymapper partners with transportation firms such as Uber, Lyft, Lime, Bird, and many others if you need their services. Through this app, you can compare prices and hail a cab or motorcycle ride to get to your destination.There is a personalization feature, where you can refine settings to meet your traveling tastes! From this point, you can save your favorite places, get delay alerts, and subscribe to notifications from your favorite transport line.You can also share your trips with a friend by a simple click. Incase of poor network reception, you may go offline but still be able to access the NYC subway map, Brooklyn bus map, and DC metro map, et cetera.Get City Mapper for free and enjoy tackling the city’s streets!

3. Google Maps is the "must have" mobile navigation app

Google Maps - Navigate & Explore

The Google Maps application will let you have the world in your hands as you explore different places. It is available in over 220 countries and territories worldwide, highlighting millions of businesses, which you get by using its search feature.The app gives you real-time info on traffic and GPS navigation info, acting as your guide in new areas. In case you are driving, it will show you optional routes to beat the traffic, and how much time it will take you. Another standout feature of Google Maps is that it allows you to see what is trending in different points of interest, such as the activities going on.You can also check out recommendations on which places to visit and what niceties it has! You may also contribute to the recommendations by giving your review of the place, explaining your experience. As part of the review, you can add photos and missing roads to update the street views. You do not need a stable internet connection as you can use offline maps to navigate. The indoor map feature allows you to find your way in large establishments such as malls.An amazing thing about Google Maps is that it is free to download on your play store!

4. Maps.Me is the travel company app you were missing

MAPS.ME – Map & GPS Navigation

Maps.Me is the ultimate travel companion, which you can have regardless of your mode of commuting, be it cycling, walking, or driving. It is a credible application, boasting over 140 million users worldwide! You can join this large user-base and enjoy one of its key features, offline navigation.With offline navigation, the app will guide you through your intended routes even though you have poor or no internet connection. Another feature to take advantage of is travel guides. The ready-made travel guides, coming from travel content creators, furnish you with a destination catalog from various places worldwide.Maps.Me is very precise and will indicate the small details that you miss in maps such as hiking trails and also direction to points of interest. The bookmark feature allows you to save various visited destinations for reference in the future.You can also keep tabs of the traffic situation in the area you are in to know how to commute to your destination. The app will show you alternative routes to use and save time!Maps.Me is available in almost every part of the world, from Paris, London, to Rome and California. It is free to download and is lightweight, meaning it will be economic on your storage space.

5. HERE WeGo is a free app that makes city navigation effortless

HERE WeGo – City Navigation

Talk about the fusion of navigation and planning, and you have the perfect description of Here WeGo. It helps you pick the best routes to your destinations, letting you know about the traffic situation, parking spots, cab tickets, and more. Once you get into your car, all you do is launch it, and it takes the lead, showing you a suitable place in your surroundings.The free application has international coverage, meaning even if you are abroad, you can still use it to move from one place to another- a fact to know! Here WeGo will supply you with the public transport information of over 1300 cities worldwide, including New York, Melbourne, Barcelona, and Rome.The voice assistant gives you the direction when necessary, whether driving or walking, guiding you in every step. This is very significant, especially if you are in confusing places such as alleys. It also shows you time estimates, giving you a hint of how long it will take you to move from one place to another.Here We Go is easy to use courtesy of its user-friendly interface and lightweight on your device. Get it from either Apple Store or Google Play Store and enjoy moving through any city seamlessly!

Best Navigation Apps app thumbnail

Best Navigation Apps

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