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Best Apps to Play with Friends

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One of the most fulfilling things is having playtime with your friends, showing your prowess, and appreciating your opponents' skills. Some apps allow you to do exactly that and have the time of your lives!

In this case, you connect with them through your mobile phone and invite them for a challenge. Developers saw the need for this mode of play, and there are several mobile apps that you can play with friends. Highlighted are the best, among these apps, to try out and see who has better gaming skills.

1. Kahoot is a great app for both teachers and students

Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

Kahoot is a quiz-based game that allows you to come up with quizzes to test yourself and friends at school or work place. It is a mind-stimulating app that helps you learn new things and challenge your friends to expand their knowledge base! It is now available in Spanish to expand its reach. You can create your kahoots and find other players, ready to play with you on your set challenges.It is a great app for both teachers and students, especially if you target general knowledge. Aside from the school setting, companies can also take a second and engage their employees in this app's virtual experience, where they get to learn more.The application is easy to use and seeks to uphold the gain of knowledge. In this vein, it is free to download for students and teachers. However, companies have to pay a subscription fee to use Kahoot. The app is compatible with many devices and does not consume much storage space. Download Kahoot and challenge your thinking to broader dimensions!

2. Challange your friends with words, play Scrabble

Scrabble® GO - New Word Game

If you are a pro in word search, then Scrabble Go is an ideal game to try out and challenge your wits. It is also a decent game to try out when you want to kill boredom as the chat feature allows you to talk to your friends who, in this case, are your competitors. There are four modes to try out, starting with the Duel, where you go head to head with a player of your ranking in five turns. If you are successful in the turns, you unlock price chests.Word drop is another mode that combines a crossword's features to scrabble and makes it more interesting. The Tumbler mode works like anagrams, where you should find high scoring words from a series of letters, as you keep an eye on the timer. Finally, there is Rush, a solo mode, where you beat yourself on an 11 x 11 scrabble board.In Scrabble leagues, you play against friends to identify the pro. Invite family and friends to the leagues and challenge them until you find a winner. You can download Scrabble Go for free.

3. Mario Kart Tour, is the Mario Kart game you can't miss with friends

Mario Kart Tour

Racing games give you the extra thrill, especially if you love dominating and winning. Mario Kart Tour is an ideal game for you and your friends, where you can get into the online adrenaline rush to see who is the best behind the virtual wheel. One of the things that may amaze you with this game is the impressive graphics, which come in bright colors and characterization.Once you get behind the wheels of your preferred kart, you race in different arenas around the world inspired by real-life places. How amazing is that! Wait, there is the frenzy mode, which will give you an advantage on the racing track and turn you almost invisible as you collect items to boost your speed and performance.In Mario Kart tour, you do not have to be humble with your accolades, as you can display your badges and other prizes you collect on the racing course! The more you race, the more you increase your ranking and chances of standing tall among your peers on the scoreboard.This application is available for free though you need a Nintendo account to play.

4. It's never too late to start with Yahtzee

YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game

You can bring your dice game from the mat to an online form, connecting with all your friends courtesy of Yahtzee. This free dice game allows you to bring your dice rolling expertise as you stand a chance of striking excellent bonuses and bragging rights as a pro! When you download Yahtzee, you get 30 free dice spins - these are more than enough to get you bonuses and extra dice rolls.The game has the extra-challenges, where you have to test your skills against the pros, the dice masters! Take the masters head-on in the solo adventure, and if you beat them, you have more bonuses coming your way. Aside from the dice masters, you have to get your thrill on and tackle all obstacles in your way and get to new gaming levels. The hurdles come in the form of ice blocks and flying multiplies of which, with a little skill, you can settle down and emerge the winner.Under social games, you play with players from different parts of the world to maintain your honor as a dice rolling pro. The social buddies feature allows you to chat and challenge your friends.

5. UNO is the card game you can't miss


UNO is a card game, where you try out new rules that you set up to test your friends' wits. There are several tournaments and play styles that you can pick as you prefer to show your best when it comes to card games. UNO has something for everyone; whether you are a pro or a beginner, you can still get into the game and have tons of fun. The house rules govern the game's mode, and you go for the rules that fit your style of play and invite your friends.The tournaments give you a chance to show off and bask in the glory of topping the leaderboards or gaining rewards. This is the definition of fulfilling playtime, especially if it is against your friends. If you want a solid winning strategy, you can partner up with a friend for a collaborative effort against another team in a 2V2 mode.When you invite playing buddies to your playroom in UNO, you set up your own house rules to improve your chances of emerging the victor. The matches take place in real-time, making it feel like being at your living room table and shuffling cards. Get UNO from your play store and connect with friends for an awesome playtime!
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Best Apps to Play with Friends

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