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The Best Apps for Podcast

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When it comes to saving time and multitasking, podcasts win the game! These episodic series of spoken word sessions are not only therapeutic - they also offer entertaining and educational content you can listen to as you work through chores. Through them, you can air your views on various topics and later on share them on different sites.

Luckily, there are plenty of apps out there that can help you create your own podcast! With the applications, you have the setting of a talk show, the only difference being that it is in audio format. Below are some of the best podcast apps available.

1. Acast brings you curated lists of channels depending on your history

Acast - Podcast Player

If you are looking for new podcasts, Acast is the best mobile platform to have on your device. It is compatible with both IOS and Android phones, thus giving it an edge of adaptability. The app has one of the best audio collections, with topics ranging from sports, comedy, tech, politics, and several others that might interest you.Some of the podcasts Acast allows you to stream include WTF, serial, The Naked Scientist, whose episodes you can download to listen to later. The app also has podcasts from Buzzfeed, Financial Times, and BBC, which will update you on the world's happenings.Acast brings you curated lists of channels depending on your history, in addition to searching directly for shows of your choice. The feed feature will update you on the shows you follow, thus keeping you updated in the long run.You may also log in with Facebook and share your playlist with your friends. Acast is free to download on both IOS and Android.  Try it out to see its niceties!

2. The Podcast App allows you to customize your playlist

The Podcast App

The Podcast App comes into the picture of the best apps with user-friendliness being its leaning point. With the description of being the simplest app to use, it is the ideal mobile program to orient beginners into podcasting. It presents an easy way to discover, stream, and download your audio clips.Content-wise, it does not disappoint as you get many juicy podcasts dealing with topics such as news, tech, education, and gaming among others. There are also popular shows that you can listen to such as The Joe Rogan Experience, Serial and Hidden Brain, and others, which make up for more than 500000 podcasts, with over 30 million episodes.The Podcast App allows you to customize your playlist, so you have your preferred channels waiting for you to tune in. The recommendations bring you the best picks depending on your favorite topics, ensuring you have the best experience on this platform. In case of any issue, you can contact the customer support team for speedy help while using the app. The Podcast App is free to download and is lightweight, as such, it does not take much of your device's storage.

3. Pocket Casts's design is one of its key selling factors, especially the artwork, which will get you in the right mood

Pocket Casts - Podcast Player

Pocket Casts takes the description of ‘the most powerful podcast platform’, and is tagged the app for listeners by listeners. It comes with standout tools that make your audio listening experience worth your time. The search and discovery tools, for example, introduce you to some of the best podcasts around with amazing content.Based on your history, the recommendations will provide you with great channels without the need for subscribing. The press has a kind word for Pocket Casts, with The Verge describing it as the best podcast app for android.Its design is one of its key selling factors, especially the artwork, which will get you in the mood to tune to your favorite channel. You can also pick several themes, including the power-saving dark theme, which is also good for your vision.The app is compatible with Chromecast, Alexa, Android Auto, and Sonos, meaning you can listen to the audio files anytime you are in the mood. A powerful playback seals the deal for Pocket Casts, where you take advantage of features like trim silence, variable speed, volume boost, and skip playback, among many more. Pocket Casts is free to download and works for both Android and IOS devices.

4. Navigation is straight, as you find millions of podcasts on Podbean platform

Podcast App & Podcast Player - Podbean

One of the essential things to look at in an app is the features it possesses. Talking of features, Podbean is one of the best podcast apps due to its wide collection. They include intelligent speed, volume boost, and sleep timer, among many more.Podbean has many accolades to its name that show its greatness, they include a nomination as the Top podcast player apps, 50 podcatchers for android and IOS by TCC. Not to forget, the app features above 100000 massive reviews!It majors on user-friendliness, where its use is very easy courtesy of its simple user-interface. Navigation is straight, as you find millions of podcasts on its platform. Uniqueness is another element you will notice with Podbean, as you can customize your playlist and live stream audio channels.The app allows you to subscribe to millions of podcasts, including top networks like BBC, NBS, and The New York Times. Depending on your history, you can have recommendations that lead you to other amazing channels.Podbean supports Bluetooth, Chromecast, and android auto and is compatible with Alexa. You can get the app free on download on Google Play Store and Apple store. Try it out for an amazing podcast experience!

5. One of the factors behind the popularity of Castbox is its ease of use

Podcast Player & Podcast App - Castbox

Castbox is one of the best mobile programs for podcast lovers, with various awards to show off! They include Winner of the Most Entertaining App from Best Apps by Google Play and the Winner of Top Trending Apps from Global Best App by Google Play. The app has over 10 million downloads, and one of the factors behind its popularity is its ease of use. It has a user-friendly interface, with its location of menu icons being so straightforward!Using Castbox, you may find, listen, and download podcasts, FM, radio, and audiobooks, making it a worthy companion if you love to plug in your headphones for an audio session occasionally. The app is available in 27 countries and its content stands at over 90 million, meaning you will never exhaust it!Some of the podcast topics you can stream include news and politics, music, sports, talk shows, technology, game and hobby channels. The app is free to download for both android and IOS phones. With many positive reviews, it is an ideal application to download for a revolutionary podcasting session!
The Best Apps for Podcast app thumbnail

The Best Apps for Podcast

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