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Best Music Apps

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Music is one of the most lucrative business ventures in this millennial age. We pay for concerts and shows just to see our favorite artists perform. While this is thrilling, music apps come with the added benefit of customizable playlists and multiple genres all in one snazzy package!

It’s as easy as popping on your earphones and dancing to the best tunes available, wherever you are. Plus, all the amazing support features and tools are designed to refine your music experience exceedingly more.  We bring you the top music apps that you can explore from your mobile or android phones.

1. Music and social platform in one place

Deezer Music Player: Songs, Playlists & Podcasts

A true rival to other superiors would be Deezer. A one-wonder app that wittily provides great music features while still maintaining an interactive platform. Click on the bell icon on” My music tab” and receive notifications when artists post new music. Better yet, share the experience with close friends and family. Yes, you heard right. The app in itself is a social platform where you can interact with friends as well.  And just so you know, Deezer supports music sharing so you don't have to post via Facebook or text.On the homepage, you'll find popular playlist recommendations. Simply press like if you wish to have any one added to your favorite song lists. To add to that is "Flow" which acts like a personal soundtrack mix. It updates as you listen to favorite songs without you having to add to the queue or schedule play next. Your work is made easy! And this tiny microphone icon next to the songs pops up the lyrics as the song goes. Have a karaoke fest packed with fun!

2. Over 50 millions tracks

Amazon Music: Stream and Discover Songs & Podcasts

When you want to hunt down new stuff to jam to, Amazon tunes are an absolute genius. Its unlimited catalog alone contains over 50 million tracks. You'll have no problem at all finding absolutely any song that you search in pretty much any genre available. Even stand-up comedy is available!  Just click on the search bar and let the app do the searching.Its default page contains a chart menu from which you can see the hottest tracks in season. In other words, your playlist can always stay fresh. Despite this being an online app, Amazon music can also be accessed when you don’t want to drain your data allowance. Simply download your music and listen in anytime, anyplace. And the best part is, there’s no limit to how much you can download.The grand feature however amongst all is undoubtedly Alexa voice command support. It provides hands-free control over your music regardless of the service that you're streaming.  And the app doesn’t need to be opened on your phone for it to listen!

3. Simple and effective music app

YouTube Music - Stream Songs & Music Videos

YouTube Music is one of those simplistic apps that get the job done impeccably. For users who like to cut straight to the chase, this is ideal for you. Its new UI has a Minimal interface with straightforward shortcuts to help you maneuver easier. At the bottom center of the app is the explore button that when pressed on shows all the new albums and singles in one viewing.Also, rather than add fresh music to your existing library one by one, YouTube takes away all the stress by letting you insert whole albums instead.  A click on the plus icon instantaneously loads all your fresh additions to one main tab.  Now you can own one huge library and shuffle the songs effortlessly! Far from being simplistic, the app uses an algorithmic system to make selective recommendations.Essentially, it follows the stuff you’ve been listening to lately versus just showing random new releases. Talk about personalization!  And just to show how specific it can get, there’s an entire Moods & Genres dashboard allocated for this purpose.Need an app that offers your preferred style? Get YouTube free from your local app store!

4. Premium customer experience

Apple Music

Apple is a full-time streaming service with tons of benefits to enjoy. In case you’re wondering why everyone is raving about it, well, here is the answer.  It’s the kind of app that takes the time to get to know you before it can become really useful, but there on down, it’s a smooth ride. To get a true feel of this, try out the radio station's feature.Foremost, this is a unique tool that provides songs that change every single time. Do you know how radios have a whole playlist that never cycles back? This is it. So you’re always at the receiving end of fresh, cool grooves. But the best part is, you can tell Apple what music you like or don’t like. From this, it picks up on your favorite genres over time so you never have to listen to a dreary artist another day in your life!This aside, it has tiny icons that communicate the quality of the song you're about to listen to. A star symbolizes the hottest tracks while the letter E means explicit content. Enjoy a premium customer experience for free.

5. A wide, well-known platform

Spotify: Listen to podcasts & find music you love

Spotify burst onto the music scene with unique features that even the best of music apps were lacking. It's no wonder it climbed up the charts in no time. Right from the home page design, the outlook draws you in, entreating you into further use. You have all your heavily rotated jams listed for easy access whenever you please. And playlists that date back to months ago. You practically never have to lose an oldie again.From the search tab, find access to different categories and genres including Rock, Hip-hop, Indie, Pop, and more. When you’re driving or have both your hands occupied, tap onto the microphone tab instead and speak in it to browse. Simple, right?  It’s also super cool that you can now adjust not just the volume levels but the bass too if you like! One unique addition is the “Behind the Lyrics tool” which tells you a little bit more about a song when you open it up. Kind of like a fun fact of why the artists wrote the song. Want to know more history about your much-loved albums? Download Spotify free now!

Best Music Apps app thumbnail

Best Music Apps

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