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Before Dark

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Before Dark is a no-jumper platformer in which you are taken to multiple locations of varying difficulties.

You must use the surroundings to be able to finish the levels and you must be fast before your battery runs out. You can collect upgrades, and you can destroy foes on the way.

In Before Dark, you play as Neon, a circular bulb that can only roll either left or right, but with the design of each level, you can come up with the smartest ways to make two-direction movement seem much deeper than it really is.

You have to survive each level as you get closer toward the castle of Hellhigh, and the road will not be easy. Multiple types of enemies, challenges and ideas will come at you and you will be tested as you try to contain your rage and survive.

The game contains banger tracks and awesome art. Download it now!

Before Dark app thumbnail

Before Dark

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