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Turbo Pong (Pong Invaders)

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Turbo Pong is a fast-paced arcade game that is nostalgic, yet upgraded homage to classic video game Pong!

You are able to modify settings due to your preferences: number of balls, length of paddles, distance from the wall, score needed to win a match and also presence of UFOs from Planet Ponginia which spice up the gameplay.

Keep your guard up and watch out for the Accelerating Ball: when it hits the wall, it will speed up its acceleration and create chaos on the screen!

You could play with computer or with your friend on a single device! The controls are very intuitive.

Get the high score and battle with your friends!

Don't wait any longer, download the game and enjoy beautiful carnage on UFOs from Planet Ponginia

Turbo Pong (Pong Invaders) app thumbnail

Turbo Pong (Pong Invaders)

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