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Super Snake 3D

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Super Snake 3D is a new take on the classic Snake game. Eat, increase and get much faster!

Travel through different levels and worlds while eating fruits and collecting coins to beat your high score and unlock new levels with different challenges, traps and themes.

Conquer the challenges and avoid all the dangers in space, a volcano, a polygon world and even a multiverse while getting bigger and faster!

You can select the training room stage to get better prepared for the challenges presented at the other stages. There are plenty of fruits scattered around the worlds, eat them to get bigger and get points. Be careful because you'll also become faster and it will be harder to stay alive.

Super Snake 3D brings various traps on different levels to make everything more challenging and fun, like rotating traps, floating rings, small tunnels, cannons, spaceships, laser guns, lava, falling boulders and much more!

Super Snake 3D app thumbnail

Super Snake 3D

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