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N752:Out of Isolation-Chapter on MyAppFree
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N752:Out of Isolation-Chapter

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Take on the role of Abram Walker in this distressing and claustrophobic survival horror game. Crawl towards freedom from the twister mind of the psychopath Ferdinand Holland.

After waking up in your cell inside an isolated, high-security prison secluded on a desert island, your journey to escape from madness begins.

Anguished screams fill the lonely corridors at night, cramming every step you make with terror and fear.

Find keys and clues to stay alive and open new doors on your path. You may find new horrors or the much needed promise of shelter.

Helpful Tips For Survival: 

  • Run away from the Psycopath, use hiding spots and stealth as your allies
  • Make good use of lights: too much will reveal your position
  • Discover and solve Puzzle to advance
  • Be aware of your surroundings

Darkness may be your next best friend. Let’s play today!

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