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The Lighthouse Journal

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Join in on an immersive expedition of wonder to the distant and enchanting lands of the arctic with The Lighthouse Journal. On sale for a limited time only.

This is an interactive mobile journal filled with diary entries, relaxing narration, poetry, and stunning photos.

In The Lighthouse Journal, share an epic narrative adventure of exploration and beauty. Hop onboard a train in the Netherlands, journey across Sweden, and arrive on a remote island nestled in the north of Norway, the land of the midnight sun. 

On this journey, delve into an immersive collection of maps, photographs, and poems. Learn about the history, and future, of this isolated island. Hear the unique stories of three lighthouse keepers, as they tend to their solitary tower. This adaptation of the award-winning poetry collection The Lighthouse Journal breaks new ground in online storytelling. 

This app offers a special user experience. Act as reader, listener, and viewer in this game of remarkable poetic style, reflective of a mysterious land. With high-quality audio narration, listen to the tales of the island of Litløy, the dreams of its keepers, and the adventures therein.

Embark on this incredible journey with The Lighthouse Journal today! 

Download it NOW for FREE on the Play Store before the offer ends June 1, 2021. 

The Lighthouse Journal app thumbnail

The Lighthouse Journal

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