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Adam The Storyteller

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Adam the Storyteller provides the perfect combination of challenge and excitement. There are endless puzzles to solve so you can improve your mind from the comfort of your own home.

In this mobile game, you play the character of Adam. He wakes up one day and is surprised to find himself flying up into the air. He’s on a piece of rock that is hurtling towards a crazy and mysterious island that is floating all by itself.

Adam is intrigued to see what this mysterious place holds so he decides to explore when his rock lands on the floating island.


Spend your time playing as Adam the Storyteller as you solve the variety of puzzles that the game has to offer. The further you get into the game, the harder the puzzles get. You have to use your expertise to solve the interesting puzzles of the mobile game and level up.

When you level up through the power-up puzzles, you experience new powers. You are introduced to brand-new players and challenges.

This app of the day requires lots of skill and strategic planning to beat every puzzle and discover the mysteries of the floating island.

Can you collect all of the secrets and beat the high scores? Download the game to find out!

There are 100 hand-crafted puzzles in the game, each on different levels. The puzzles are easy to pick up, but challenging to beat!

Become the master storyteller that you’ve always wanted to be!

Adam the Storyteller is on sale for a short time only. Download it before the sale ends!

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