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Little White Rocket - Relax & calm down in space app thumbnail
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Little White Rocket - Relax & calm down in space

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Little white Rocket is nothing like your ordinary mobile game. This IOS gameplay is designed to offer players incredible ease and unique therapeutic benefits. Yes, you heard right! The game doubles up as a relaxation tool whenever you need to unwind!

Most games out there are driven by a fast progression and the constant pressure to unlock new levels. While this may be exciting, sometimes you need a slow-paced change especially when you’ve had a busy day. Look no further than Little White Rocket to enjoy soothing entertainment. The game is so easy-going; it won’t even feel like a competition anymore!

Little white rocket is minimalistic so it is very simple to learn. Aim and tap anywhere to fly amidst the beautiful mysterious world of space! Enjoy the view of sparkly stars as you transverse through the calming atmosphere all the while gathering score points. As captain of your rocket ship, you are in total control of your voyage so spin, aim and fly away!

Best of all, get to enjoy not only peaceful musical tunes but narrative and visual poems by award-winning poet Laurence O'Dwyer. Imagine guiding your rocket ship back home against the backdrop of the dark blue sky illuminated by hearty poems- it doesn’t get any better!

Treat yourself to this wonderful game today... it's FREE for the next few hours!

Little White Rocket - Relax & calm down in space app thumbnail

Little White Rocket - Relax & calm down in space

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