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Prepare for a new Noi adventure -One of the hardest arcade games ever- with the new two modes and more than 30 levels filled with more spikes and obstacles

Are you ready to dive into an endless adventure into Noi's world where timing is everything?
Your reaction time will determine your destiny. Do you have what it takes to handle the pressure?
Start playing, have fun and try not to smash your phone. And always stay tuned for new levels.
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Game Features
• Simple gameplay: just tap to jump and don't forget that timing is everything.
• Challenging and understandable: Noi is not that hard of a game where you get confused on what to do. You know exactly what you need: “JUMP”, but it is still a challenging game.
• Two endless modes (vertically and horizontally )  and more than 30 levels and always adding new ones with new challenges.