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Alice : Lost Pieces

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The indie game Alice Lost Pieces is a fun escape room adventure game with a futuristic take on Alice in Wonderland.

In this version, Alice is a young girl lying in a hospital bed with a broken leg. As she lies there, doing nothing, the rabbit falls down from the ceiling and asks Alice to come with him.

Of course, Alice can’t because her leg is broken. So the rabbit finds a way to get her to come along: a VR headset. It allows Alice to move around however she wants, despite her broken leg.

Anyone who has seen or read Alice in Wonderland will immediately see a parallel with the original Lewis Carroll story.

Alice's goal is to find the Queen’s heart, Fleur, which was stolen and broken by a thief. The heart is scattered throughout Wonderland, and to recover all the pieces, Alice must solve multiple puzzles throughout the game.

There are many different types of puzzles, with hints hidden in the environment. The puzzles are varied, from doing a specific small action to completing a mini-game.

As you solve puzzles and play mini-games, you gather more heart pieces until eventually, you rebuild the heart and bring it back to the Queen.

You will love this game if you love:

  • A futuristic storyline based on a classic of literature
  • A great cast of characters
  • Detailed backgrounds and graphics
  • Many levels growing in difficulty
  • Solving different puzzle types to progress
  • Finding the correct sequence of steps to get the next hint
  • Hours of fun!

Get this fantastic game today, and support indie game development.

For a limited time, the Alice Lost Pieces is free to download!

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Alice : Lost Pieces app thumbnail

Alice : Lost Pieces

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