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iLinear - Draw Your Path on MyAppFree
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iLinear - Draw Your Path

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1.99 $

Ready to play a game quite unlike any other game out there? iLinear is the perfect fit for you!

Match-3 games, zombie-shooting, tower defense games--these are all fun and exciting… but after quite some time, they can get a little bit dull and repetitive. Not surprising, since it all consists of the same gameplay. 

iLinear offers a fresh take on the usual one-touch game. The premise is, you have only 3 seconds to trace a line with your finger and aim for all 3 targets on the screen to get maximum points while also avoiding obstacles along the path. 

Why 3 seconds you ask? This was deliberately designed to keep you alert and focused. This game after all, also provides great mental stimulation.

Don’t worry though, not everything depends on your skill (or lack thereof hehe), but a little bit of luck can also go a long way. 

Okay, I’ll stop my rambling. It’s actually best if you try it out for yourself. Luckily, it’s downloadable and playable for FREE for a limited time only! Hurry, before it returns to its original price of $1.99.

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