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Asteroid Storm

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Are you a sucker for retro games? Particular retort arcade games? Does the idea of having a mini arcade in your pocket, ready to play wherever you are and whenever you want to excite you? If so, Asteroid Storm is right up your street!

This new mobile game transports you into space where you can battle your way through challenges. The high-quality makes everything feel like reality, with everything happening right before your eyes.

Shoot your enemies as you dodge the asteroids that are swirling around your ship in space. Hide from the aliens and UFOs to avoid getting attacked before making your move and shooting them down.

The background music has been specifically chosen to match the various scenes in the game. So, depending on the context, you have the music to match.

You can personalize your spaceship with your name to let everybody in space know that you’ve arrived and you mean business!

As you progress through the game, it gets harder and harder. The UFO’s AI slowly becomes more intelligent to keep you on your toes!  

You can also battle your friends and see who gets the highest score on the game’s leader boards. And you gain extra lives when you score highly!

Who’s going to be top of the leading board? Only time will tell!

The smooth gameplay is like no other space game. The Vectrox Library ensures crisp graphics, and vector-rendering technology. If you’re ready to take your chances up in space, download the Asteroid Storm today.

The app is on sale for a limited time only. This sale ends very soon, so be sure to download this app of the day before it’s too late! Save yourself some money while still enjoying some space fun!

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