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What would you do if you were running for president and facing a lawsuit that could potentially ruin your chance of success? Who would you make your allies? Foes?

Now you can see how your decisions as president would pan out with Deck Wreck. Our app of the day, Deck Wreck is a complex, single-player narrative strategic card game that’s free for a limited time in today’s sale.

You’ve played card games and mobile games, but nothing like Deck Wreck. Currently featuring Demokracy, with more games to follow, Deck Wreck allows you to put yourself in multiple situations and see how your decisions affect your end goals. 

In Demokracy, you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to run for president— and deal with the sometimes insurmountable odds your opponents will throw your way. You’ll need to collect a fair amount of activists, votes, lawyers, money and investments to win, but can also choose to include some thugs if you prefer a more “hands-on,” brunt approach to winning. Just make sure your distrust levels don’t get too high; otherwise, you have no hope of winning this election cycle. 

Demokracy also allows you to choose who you want on your side. Will you align with Vendell Wiemann, a wealthy businessman, venture capitalist with a seemingly endless amount of money, business connections and lawyers? Or will you choose a more grassroots ally who isn’t quite as skeevy? Are you going to rub elbows with your ivy league classmates to solicit lawyers for your campaign, or focus on growing investments to procure more money? The choice is yours!

Deck Wreck is sure to become one of your favorite games. This is one deal you don’t want to miss out on, so download today before the sale is over and see where your presidential strategy takes you!

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Deck Wreck

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