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Connect - colorful casual game on MyAppFree
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Connect - colorful casual game

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Prepared to instantly get hooked on Connect colorful casual game. A game that will keep you occupied for hours on end!

Ever find yourself stuck in traffic with virtually nothing to do? Or maybe you just want to while away the time doing something entertaining? Well, in that case Connect - colorful casual game is the one for you!

The game is super simple to play. Heck, even children can play it and give their mind a workout. The objective of the game is to pair up matching images on the screen to clear the tiles and eventually clear the entire board. See? Simple and stress-free!

You can also choose between two themes any time. Bored of the Sports theme? Check out Abstract. 

Also, you can play in two different modes. If you want to just chill and play casually, the Relax mode is the way to go. But if you truly

want a challenge, the Time Attack mode will for sure keep you on your toes.

The developers have also thought of everything...The colors used in this game are colorblind-friendly, making it available to play for color-impaired persons as well.

So, again if you’re on the lookout for a casual game to keep you preoccupied, download Connect - colorful casual game now for FREE before it returns to its market price.

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