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Easy estimates

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Easy Estimates allows you to create estimates intuitively and quickly.

To use easy estimates, you don't even have to sign up!
Work smart and spend more time on your business! Don't waste time giving estimates!

With easy estimates you can:
• Create estimates easily and send them to your customers right away
   P.S.: You can create estimates as many as you want!
• Edit your estimates
• Customizable tax
• You can customize the terms and conditions for each estimate you create
• Email, share, print and open your estimates
• This app is also optimized for tablets, not just for smartphones! You can use the app where you are most comfortable!
• You can choose the currency to use for your estimates
• Dark mode theme
• Send PDF documents in multiple languages
• Save and edit your customers
• Upgrade to the premium plan and keep your data saved in the cloud automatically.

With the basic plan, you can create as many estimates as you want, without any limit!
What are you waiting for? The application is free!

Easy estimates app thumbnail

Easy estimates

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