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Puffin Web Browser on MyAppFree
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Puffin Web Browser

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Get the ultimate browsing experience with Puffin Web Browser, the fastest browser in the market!

The Puffin Web Browser is the  internet’s little known secret. Not a lot of people have heard about it yet, but for those who have...they’ve only ever had great things to say about it!

Puffin Web Browser is insanely fast! The browser has its own cloud center which processes the web pages in prior to delivering it on your screen, this increases the speed. No more waiting for the web page to load for a few minutes. Also, because the page has been pre-processed, the amount of data usage is lessened.

One of the many neat things about Puffin Browser is that the landing page conveniently displays your most visited pages plus links to the most popular sites. 
Another great thing about this is it supports Adobe Flash. Disclaimer: it does not support Flash games but it does a great job at supporting Flash videos.

Experience quick and hassle-free browsing with Puffin and i guarantee, you will never look back. Just give it a try...anyway it’s free!

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