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Magnet Balls: Physics Puzzle on MyAppFree
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Magnet Balls: Physics Puzzle

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Get mesmerized with Magnet Balls Pro - a casual puzzle game for Android!

Magnet Balls Pro - a casual puzzle game for Android is here to keep you company on queues and boring, long trips. But don’t get lulled into complacency because the laws of physics and the components of magnets also come into play. 

This casual puzzle game shoots “three in a row” colored balls in a cluster of other balls. The combos created will help you clear a level and advance you to the next.

All levels start with a cluster of magnetic balls. You can see the next color at the base, and you need to figure out which colors match so you can fire into the cluster of magnetic balls above.

You tap the screen where you want your ball to go and it will aim to go in that direction. You need to make sure that the colors match and connect.  You also need to consider how magnetic properties react to being hit so you can anticipate which area to shoot at next. 

The game's goal is to score enough points to move on into the next round. The points are easy to achieve in the first few stages but would slowly get more difficult as you move on.

The manner in which the magnet balls shift and stick together is great fun and really reveals how precise – or more so how real the balls are behaving.

Magnet Balls Pro - a casual puzzle game for Android is here to keep boredom at bay. Be warned: it can be very addicting! Install and enjoy this puzzle game for free!

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